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Why do you need 3D Modeling services

With 3D modeling you can show your product in a comprehensive manner. 3D Models allow architects, engineers, product designers to more clearly understand and communicate to investors, buyers and coworkers designs.

3D Modeling Services we offer

As a 3D modeling studio we offer a large scale of 3D modeling services tailored to your specific needs, industry and budget:

  • 3D modeling for Architectural projects
  • 3D modeling for real estate
  • 3D modeling for prototyping and 3D printing
  • 3D modeling for products and visualization
  • 3D modeling for online shops

Why do you need to outsource 3D modeling

Cost Savings

By outsourcing 3D modeling your company saves on budget. Rather then having an in-house artist, that requires training, very expensive hardware and software, computers, monthly salaries. Not to mention, one person can’t be good at all the things you need. You need a whole team of experts from 3D modelers, 3D animators etc. Not recruiting a 3D specialist saves on recruiting expenses.

Your company does not have to create extra expenses to uphold a whole team of people constantly and you can use the financial resources for other investments.

Access to Expertise

Let the experts do their best job. 3D modeling studios consist only of highly trained and skilled professionals that are there to help you maximize your bottom line. You will get an increased quality job done, in a time saving manner at affordable costs. 3D modeling studios have their workflow worked out, they can engage in big workloads that maybe your small in house team could not face. You can expect the highest quality 3d models, textures, photorealistic visualization from an expert team.

Time Efficiency

You need to outsource your 3D projects to 3D modeling agencies so that you can cut time on managing, worrying about deadlines. Managing an in house team of 3D modelers while also being able to handle other areas of your business can get very chaotic and stressful really soon. Not to mention it takes a lot burden off your shoulder not having to micro manage something you are not an expert at.

Outsourcing ensures that you get a fast and quality delivery without error.


Scalability and Flexibility

You business is more flexible by allowing you to quickly adapt to changing resourcing requirements in response to fluctuating customer demands and market changes. This can help your business navigate risks and support sustainable business growth.



Custom 3D Modeling Services Features

Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries and Applications

3D modeling studios are specialized in offering services for a big range of industries. Amongst them are architecture, interior design, product design, real estate, marketing and advertising, medial and healthcare just to name a few. They offer services specially tailored for your business and create 3D models and visuals for the segment of industry you are in and the audience you wish to target.

Every project is unique, so  expect 3d modeling companies to create custom plans for your project.

3D models can mean large scale buildings or interior spaces but also small objects you wish to showcase on an online shop like jewelry, clothing, accessories, furniture etc.

Precise and Detailed 3D Model Creation

One of the most important advantages of relying on 3D models and 3D renders are precision, high accuracy. 3D models are developed based on exact measurements, blueprints, 2D drawings. High end software can recreate exact realistic textures and shaders and add realistic details to your models. Changes also can be made easily without any high costs. Also 3D scans can be used as support.

Realistic Texturing and Material Representation

Also a big advantage of 3d modeling and CGI (computer generated imagery) are the industry standard, software that can recreate and render photorealistic images of models.

Realistic materials, textures and materials are digital assets that simulate the appearance and feel of real life materials. Realistic texturing means applying the color and texture to a surface by recreating it’s properties.

The end results are photorealistic renders (images) that fake reality. A professionally applied texture to a high-end 3d model is what keeps the viewer wondering if it’s a real camera shot picture, a real object in the photo or not.

Expert Team of Skilled 3D Modelers

Professional 3D modelers have years of learning and training behind them. 3D artists are skilled professionals with proper education. They have a mix of artistic and technical skills, have a good knowledge of 3d graphics and 3d modeling software. It is a complex, demanding field that also requires the understanding of 3d principles.

An expert team consists not only of 3d modelers, 3d artists, but a project manager, a texturing artist, 3d animation artist, post-processing artist.

Why to choose Volume9 3D Modeling Studio?

We at Volume9 studio are top-tier professionals in the 3D industry and use the latest tools and technology. Using various high-end tools and software we can work together and help you turn your ideas into impressive marketing display.  We turn architectural plans or product drawings into perfect 3D models in a time efficient manner and at reasonable costs.

If you like what you see and are ready to take advantage of these benefits don’t hesitate to reach out to us and get a quote for your project. We will be personally available to have a detailed chat about your ideas and how our 3D design services can best benefit your business.

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